Have you ever felt like you were climbing rungs of ladder in your business, stepping up one-by-one only to look up a realize all you can see is more ladder?

We hit milestones every day, yet most of us are hesitant to share them with anyone. Maybe they feel insignificant, or maybe we’re not sure if it’s professional.

The truth is, if you have a good relationship with your customers, they want to celebrate your success with you.

It keeps you top of mind for future business.

It shows that through your growth, you’ll sustainability be there for them in the future.

It creates deeper connection because you simply care to share major milestones.

If you can’t communicate your successes, how can you be a champion of your clients’ brands?

I’d love for you to practice in the comments. I’ll go first!
– In 2019, Illumination Partners, LLC was formed, servicing clients internationally
– In 2020, we launched The Drop in CEO Podcast is releasing it’s 100th episode on February 26th, 2021
– In 2021, we’re releasing my new book, “The CEOs Compass – 8 points to getting you back on track”

Not ready to share in the comments? Let’s book a 30 minute call and see how we can communicate your milestones in a way that builds more meaningful relationships with your clients and network.