When you adjust the lens through which you see yourself, others and the collective team, everything comes into focus and your career will move forward. Now that doesn’t mean you need to get a new eyeglass prescription, but it does require you to look at things differently in order to elevate your already amazing Intrapreneurial skills. You are the future of what it takes to lead others in business, but you’ve reached a point where you’re challenged and overwhelmed to get ahead.

For you, I write this piece because I see so much of myself in you as I moved through my career. I followed the path of “getting the job” and ascending to get the next great job and while on the surface satisfying, upon reflection it was simply a grind. I have seen so many high performing professionals hit a wall and then they don’t know what to do next. It is in this moment that these high performers come to a place of self awareness that the need to do something different, they’re busy writing down their goals and getting ready to sign up for their MBA or certification in the hope that they’ll get ahead. Perhaps they will try working harder to push their way through, but only to be met with more frustration. These are noble pursuits and definitely part of your growing portfolio, but not what’s going to get you ahead.

It comes down to three essential areas to focus on in your new awareness and skills development that we need to get you on the road to your greatness.

Me– You need to work on your mindset and limiting beliefs that hold you back. I find this is where I spend 2-3 sessions with people I mentor to reveal what is holding them back. It is during your self discovery we need to break down the choices you have in how you see your self, make changes and develop habits to act in a way that serves you.

Them – You often start with looking at others through a lens of being difficult, not playing by the rules or having some kind of power over situations or yourself. This actually is about understanding what makes other people tick and seeing them through a different lens in order to better understand others and how you interact with them. This shifts your mindset from one where you perceive others don’t play by the rules to truly understanding them and interfacing with them differently.

We – Once you see yourself and others through a different lens of performance, you need to develop the skills to elevate the collective group to achieve the goals and that takes another set of development skills about interactions with others, having challenging conversations and opening the doors to continual feedback.

So where do you sign up to gain these essential skills? Well, the problem is it doesn’t exist in one place. We often send our high potentials to different courses to focus on one skill vs. in the context of Me, Them and We. We may assign this person a mentor, but without a structure broken down into focusing on you, then others and then the collective performance of the team. Having seen such a gap in business to support High Potential Intrapreneurs, I’ve designed such a course and we’re going into production soon to bring it to you.

If you have any interest in this and want to get into our early offering, please go to our contact page. and let’s talk.

Until we meet, I wish you great success and if you want to learn more from industry experts, please listen to the Drop in CEO podcast.

Be well- Deb