You’re a talented young professional who up until this point was a high performer and moving through the organization like a superstar. Then this happens; it all stops. You’re frustrated with what worked in the past no longer works now. You find the people dynamics are more challenging than the work you are doing. You start to doubt your capability and lose some confidence. You stop taking risks or sharing new ideas and start to feel frustrated. At this point, you either fall in line with simply doing the work, or a spark inside of you is telling you that you need a change, but not sure what to do.

I’ve seen this pattern time and time again and some of you are lucky enough to find a new opportunity and renewed joy in your work. For others, it simply is not possible at this time and you seek guidance from peers or managers and find it’s simply not there. You may have performance reviews or 1-2-1’s where you may take an assessment or go out for training in hopes you’ll raise your awareness or find a new skill; but seldom is there the support to evolve your performance.

There are multiple areas that at this juncture in your career you need to assess:

Me: What do I know about myself and what are my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities or Threats. What am I really good at and have a strong passion for, but I’m not leveraging that in my current role. What can I do to bridge the gap, take action and hold yourself accountable.

Them: Understanding the people around you is probably your biggest challenge, but going deep into understanding what makes them tick can be invaluable to connect with them and be able to do work with and through others.

Us: Even trickier than understanding yourself, the people in your work environment, but is the dynamics of then working together through situations. This process takes a higher level set of skills for which mentoring is needed; but seldom available.

So what is the solution for which is probably common sense to you, but are not share where to find the guidance for such skill development? It’s unfortunate to say most of this is reserved for executive leadership or in a few organizations, reserved for a select few High Performers with focus development and mentorship.

This under served market can gain so much momentum if we provide a framework to take you through the skills and provide mentoring to elevate your performance. It is this market that Illumination Partners sincerely cares about and we think we can provide some simple tools to get you started. Here are a few things to start you on your journey:

1) What are those mindsets that you have about yourself, your value, your skills and abilities and what you are capable of.

2) Which one of these are limiting beliefs and ask yourself why and what holds you back.

3) Prioritize the limiting beliefs and which one or two you want to change. Identify the action you will need to take to close the gap to what you want,

4) Take action, practice with someone to help you make the change,

5) create a tool that will help you practice the new skill and make it stick.

If you need more help or guidance or wish to learn more about our New 6 week course that is in pilot, but want to get in on the next round, please connect us on our Contact Page.

Until we connect, I wish you success in your career and hope these few tips were helpful.

Deb Coviello, Founder of Illumination Partners and The Drop in CEO.