As a Thought Leader who communicates discipline and accountability; quite frankly I’m embarrassed. My love for writing started out as a daily ritual when I started my business, then it went to once a week and now I don’t make time to post my own thoughts. Now one could argue I post a significant amount of content via The Drop in CEO Podcast and I regularly post on my LinkedIn Feed. However, I realized I was getting caught up in the Social Media Frenzy of posting “Consistently” vs. posting for myself. I don’t chastise myself, but as a growth mindset leader, I reflect on where I went off my path and renew my belief in writing for myself and getting back on the path that is meaningful to myself.

So what is your path that you have started on? Have come to a place where you don’t recognize yourself or you had well intended goals but at mid-year, you’re not on track? Do you move to a place of disappointment in your self or do you see it as a positive opportunity to reflect and get back on track; or even better adjust your compass? You have choices and depending on how you feel about yourself, you can set you up for failure or as I like to focus on; your successes for the rest of 2020.

Here’s another story that I’d like to share with you and I hope it inspires you to propel forward with your goals.

Up until I started my own business, I had poor decision logic when it comes to whats important or urgent. I would always take on the tasks that were easy and I could check the box, but lost my way to complete some of the harder tasks; probably because they didn’t excite.. At the end of the day, I didn’t get a good performance review and while it didn’t feel good, it was what I needed to get me back on the path. I checked the box on all the things I didn’t get done and was meeting expectations again, but I didn’t feel like I was on the right path. I no longer was satisfied with checking the box, but sought more meaningful work. So I changed course, left my job and started my own business.

So going off course is sometimes a good thing as it gives you information to decide if you need to get back on the course or take a different path. I share my story as one that hopefully inspires you. If you are a high performance professional who is seeking insights & inspiration and mentoring to achieve your goals, please reach out to me for a free consultation. We have our leadership academy that is going live in August and this may be the place for you to help you to stay on the path or take a different one to achieve fulfilling work.

Be well and I wish all of you amazing success and thank you for following the Drop in CEO; may all of you be CEO’s of your own destiny!