Fractional Leadership & Crisis Management

Drop in Operations & Quality Leadership

On-the-ground leadership for transitional operational challenges.

Expertise Resources

Access to a full database of Fractional leaders in Sales, Marketing, Operations & Procurement.


Root Cause Analysis

Assessment and problem-solving services to mitigate challenges in real-time.

Lean Six Sigma

Systems and strategy to optimize workplace production.

If your business is in transition or crisis, you need an immediate solution before putting long-term plans in place.

Fractional leadership is the key to solving short-term challenges while creating long-term results.

What you need right now is a customized plan for overcoming challenges and getting back on track.

What Is Fractional Leadership?

Unbiased Assessment

When you’re deep in transition it’s hard to see all of the variables that might be causing the problem. Fractional leaders step into a role with a focus on utilizing the people and systems you already have to create a better tomorrow.

Guidance and Support

While in a fractional role, I’m able to be part of the team and fully invested in the outcome of success. Once that’s achieved we create a plan to transtion a long-term leader into place, no awkwardness or politics necessary.

Ongoing Resources

As a fractional leader my job doesn’t end once the challenge has been overcome. I take pride in the long-term relationships I develop as a resource for advice and accountability.

My Approach

As high performers climb the ranks, it’s easy to become the one that always has the answer.

But when we rely too heavily on our own instincts that confidence can crumble, leading to stress, burnout, and ultimately chaos within the ranks we’ve been assigned to lead.

CEOs and executive leaders come to me when they’re ready to assess, recalibrate, and get back on track. One of the best compliments I can receive is when a client tells me they’re ready to “take it from here.”

My approach starts with trust and continues the same way. Do you feel the same?



Deb is a wonderful mentor and professional that will take you to the next level in your career. When I think of Deb I reflect on how fortunate I have been to meet and learn from her. Deb has been a thought provoking mentor that I have gained many tools and resources from over the past year.”

– Sarah


I enjoyed hearing about Deb’s experiences, which enabled her to empathize with my own, and to identify opportunities I can create. I felt motivated to achieve my goals, even if it were only through incremental steps. “

– Raphaela


Deborah is a great listener and gave valuable feedback back to what I was going through. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow both professionally and as a person.”

– Steven

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