Excited to share my interview with you from Listen Notes where I answer a few questions about starting my podcast. But the real story is not about me, it’s about you. Do you hesitate before pushing the button?

When I think about every opportunity I did not take, I could kick myself and now that I’ve overcome that mindset, I think about you, the reader and how many missed opportunities you missed out on. Have you not taken that job opportunity because you thought the change was too much or you would fail? Did you not walk over to that neighbor and say hi in the store and instead hung your eye’s low and walked by? Did you not take a chance because you did not feel qualified for something new?

If this is you, I understand. But think about where you would have been or what life experiences might you have had, had you taken a risk on yourself and succeeded? Wouldn’t we better serve ourselves taking chances and maybe doing well? Are you alone and don’t have a support system to talk through these choices you have and to make a different decision? I’d like to be that person for you and I give you as my gift 30 minutes of free consultation to just talk. I want to help you and so many and if a 30 minute conversation is enough to make you feel the courage to take a chance, then what’s holding you back?

A person showed up in my life just at the right moment to push the button and record my solo episode. It was a chance meeting and discussion about this crossroads and a simply questions they asked “what’s holding you back?”. When I answered “it’s me”, that was all I needed. I pushed the button and the rest is history.

Will you pick up the phone, set up that conversation, accept the new job or simply push the button? Tomorrow could be the first day of the rest of your life. Be inspired to be the person you were meant to be.

Be well-Deb