Lean into the power of conflict anLean into the power of conflict and break though the ropes that bind you and here’s why…d break through the ropes that bind you and here’s why…

Lean into the power of conflict and break through the ropes that bind you and here’s why…

I recently had a conversation with Jackie Lauer on The Drop in CEO podcast – How to be a Bold Leader and Put Humans First and while it was an energizing conversation, I could help but feel something tugging at me when it deals with managing conflict.

There was a point in our conversation where we discussed discomfort difficult of conflict and how we often avoid it. But Jackie suggested we should embrace these moments and have the courage to say what needs to be said with compassion and to listen with an empathetic ear. Only then can you reach a new level of understanding and then the ropes start to loosen up in the relationship.

She further discusses the power of laugher that can slice through the ropes to establish a set of shared values and at times laughter can diffuse tension.

So I ask you, why do you allow yourself to be tied up in knots about facing conflict? I should ask myself the same thing having spent years at avoiding it.

However, I will tell you it’s like riding a bicycle, ones you start, it gets easier and easier. I also find that as you practice you find new ways of creating better connections with people through the process of leaning into these conversations.

I shared in the podcast how I had a very difficult conversation with a relative over the holidays and it was painful. However, the release and no longer having the tension of ropes holding us back was worth it. The quality of the relationship is much better now and expression of feelings is easier.

In the world of business, we take this challenge to a new level. With family relationships, we can practice these skills in a “safe” environment. Then as we practice, we can take our skills in confronting conflict to your work environment. If you have no one to practice these skills, reach out to a business coach or mentor will stay with you for the journey.

If you have these feelings, please continue to follow my blog or the Drop in CEO podcast for more insights and inspiration from industry leaders. We all have stories of conflict and maybe one of these conversations or stories will help you to break through conflict that holds you back from being your best.

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Deborah A. Coviello

Founder of Illumination Parnters, LLC and Host of the Drop in CEO podcast.