Dear Business owner or VP of Operations,

We’ve not met yet, but let me introduce myself; I’m Deb Coviello Founder of Illumination Partners and I simply wanted to reach out to you to learn more about you. I find when I get to know you first; out of that we learn what excites you, what is your business, your amazing past and what are you most proud of. I love to hear these stories and simply build meaningful relationships with you. It’s because I’ve worked in so many of these similar businesses that I know both challenges and aspirations and I’d simply love to be your partner.

You see, when you share with me your business aspirations such as market growth, achieving a Quality or Food Safety Certification or simply elevating the impact of your Quality Organization, I have that expertise. I can also be a Drop in Quality Leader helping you during a time of leadership change or challenges and provide you peace of mind that I know what to do. All of this I can provide to you while you focus on the areas that leverage your passion and strengths.

I can also simply be a sounding board to frame what the future looks like. I’ve been told by numerous colleagues I’m tremendous at active listening and the ability to reframe what you said into a strategic outcome that opens up your mindset. I’ve become that business partner that not only takes care of your short term business challenges, but I have a way of bringing out the best in you to a strategy that compliments your business growth.

So having said all of this, the next step is for us to connect. I offer you my email or LinkedIn or you can contact me via my website and we can start a conversation. I sell nothing, but I do extend you this offer: Peace of Mind. If Peace of Mind is what you aspire to, then let’s continue the conversation.

Be well and be safe

Deborah A. Coviello (Deb)