This week I had the good fortune of traveling to a client to help on-board new talent as well as accelerate a strategic Quality Initiative and I’ve gained some amazing insights. One professional was ready for my visit and full of questions, taking copious notes and re-framing what they heard in order to absorb my input. The other professional was fully engaged in our meetings and very collaborative; but something was missing. When I reflect on the feeling I had from these two individuals I saw one had a fire inside and the other was a low simmer. So what’s a leader to do when we are tasked with elevating both individuals?

There’s only so many hours in the day or energy to expend and while we can push both individuals, I’d prefer to invest my time in the High Performer. During our time, I was “dripping” insights from my Human-Centric Leadership course and they were an absolute sponge. This is the kind of person who has arrived at a place of self awareness to up their game and the perspective that they were presented with an expert and taking full advantage of it. The other leader while enthusiastic, was waiting for me to provide the tools and insights in order to execute the project. That is my job and I’ll do it with all my experience and passion, but the leader was not showing any depth of self awareness that either develop new skills or to improve existing skills. In both these situations, I’ll serve, but at a different level.

I share this story with you because I want to raise your awareness to these High Performers who need so much more in order to elevate them, but lack the support structure within their organization. The person who was pulling all my knowledge reports to the person who did not have the same level of self awareness and maturity to grow their skills. That can be a problem for many professionals for which I provide several solutions.

My podcast The Drop in CEO provides Insights and Inspiration from Industry Leaders

The Human Centric Leadership course is a 6 week course launching shortly; we received tremendous feedback from our pilot students – please contact me so we can determine if this is the right course for you; space is limited.

If you are a Leaders who has a team of High Performers but you simply don’t have the capacity to elevate them, let’s discuss a custom approach for you to Elevate your team. I‘m also having a webinar on July 21st and again on July 28th to share more about the impact of this offer.

I’m passionate about investing in our future leaders, accelerating their impact and leaving a legacy.

Will you join me?

Be well-Deb