While jogging on a treadmill enjoying a virtual scenic view of a mountain trail, I looked behind me in the gym and started to well up with sadness knowing I was all alone. The tears came so suddenly while I was exhilarated in the moment listening to epic music scores on my headphones, I was so alone in this virtual and very real journey called an entrepreneur.

It was a trail I set out to blaze by myself; picturing the end very vividly and explaining the future to so many supporters and family. But while you’re taking the journey, the path is quiet and it’s just you, all you, only you who needs to make the decisions, feel the doubt, muster the courage and feel the accomplishment. It’s joy, sadness, fear and elation all tied into one knot and soulful to the core knowing this is the journey you must take.

As I was making my way through the last half mile of my workout, the virtual journey on my screen took me over a long bridge to a city I could see in the distance. This view reminded me of the last two miles of a half marathon when I had nothing left at the 11th mile mark. However, the same music came on my headphones and the view of the city in the distance, told me the end was near and my body found the energy to push on to the end. I knew I was going to get to the finish line, the workout had been challenging, but knowing the goal was in my reach I knew I had the strength to finish.

For those who have taken this journey or even the runner reaching the “runner’s high” can relate to the mixed emotions and sometimes tears that come without notice. It’s a lonely road, but the one we chose and with the strength of mind, body and spirit we see our friends, family and supporters at the finish line cheering our victory.

I’m tearful because of the immense emotion having shared my Entrepreneur’s story, but feel it’s the story we all have and needed to share for all Entrepreneurs. 

Share with me your Entrepreneur story in the comments. We lift each other when we share our stories.

About the author: Quality & Operational Excellence Executive / Writer / Speaker: Deborah Coviello thrives in Establishing Organizational Stability, Building Solid foundations and Coaching Teams to brilliant & sustainable results