While sitting in a beautiful venue getting my professional pictures done, I’m asking myself, “Is this really happening?”. Do I deserve to be doing this when I haven’t achieved “famous” or “viral” status? When is the right time to have professional pictures done? Even if I’m still on an upward slope following my goals and building a business, can I say I have arrived? When can I say I’ve “arrived”?

Is “arrived” about money, followers, speaking deals, multiple streams of income, Linkedin Live access? If you know me through our community on Linkedin, I’d have to say none of these are right.

I believe it’s really a mindset.

In my mind, I “believe”, therefore I have “arrived”. That simple word “believe” is the key to who you are and will continue to be. So having the professional branding shots is part of showing the world you believe in your brand, your values and the ideal customer we all will serve.

About the author: Quality & Operational Excellence Executive / Writer / Speaker: Deborah A. Coviello thrives in Establishing Partnerships with organizations, Illuminating possibilities and Elevating your organization to achieve Brilliant results.