I recently had a client reach out and ask me to provide a proposal for quality support services for a new company they were building.

Normally this would be cause for celebration.

I enjoy working with this client.

I love the work I do.

But despite the joy new business brings, I heard the unspoken distress in my clients’ request.

They said “I need you to help us with our annual audit and provide quality support services…”

I heard, “Help me keep my business afloat after being devastated by the economic impact of COVID.”

Often consultants will rush to deliver a proposal for the requested service without understanding how the client truly needs to be served. That understanding starts with listening.

There are five steps to decoding what your client is really saying:
– Listen to their words
– Look at their body language
– Write down key words they say
– Connect the words to a common theme
– Reframe what you heard to confirm understanding

The next time you have a meeting with a new boss, a new team, a new client… how are you going to serve them?

Follow the 70/30 rule – 70% listening and 30% speaking. The result will be a more trusting relationship and a better result for the people you serve.

If you are struggling with this, Let’s book a call! We’ll figure it out together.