I ponder this as there are so many topics not taught in school and rarely through the journey of a C-suite leader. However, somehow they need to learn the skills to make them seen, heard and respected. I ask you the same question, how did you learn those simple tools that set you apart and were key to your success? I’ve seen leaders spend countless hours “managing” conflict because their team does not have the skills to effectively manage challenges with confidence. And yet we endure this wasteful practice vs. investing in your people to build those skills.

One such skill I teach is how to position a message for impact. So often we celebrate our subject matter experts for delivering the information we need for decision making. They’re wildly successful in their early career and then they hit a wall. As they are elevated to deliver information, they lose their confidence because we’ve failed to prepare them for delivering a message for action. When we don’t prepare them, the conversations go awry for which your rising star becomes deflated. A 30 minute coaching session in the art of delivering powerful messages for impact can be the key to their success and ultimately yours. Your conversations with your team are how to deliver the next powerful message vs. the wasted time managing someone who has lost their confidence. 

The framework is easy:

  • Deliver the data
  • Describe the trend
  • Qualify as an Opportunity or Risk
  • Quantify the Magnitude 

This will get attention and spawn conversation which is ultimately the outcome you want. It creates engagement and even if controversial, your C-Suite leader now has to learn new skills in conflict management. 

Think about your situation or perhaps someone on your team who is leading others. Do they have these challenges and yet you don’t have the time to coach them? Let me be your partner and deliver the skills you need for your team. I care so much about investing in you and your team that the first 30 minute event is complimentary. 

If there is a specific topic that your team struggles with, book some time with me so we can develop and deliver the tools your team needs for success. 

If you’d prefer to spend time with yourself first and learn some of my insights for the C-Suite Leader of Today or Tomorrow, I offer my book, The CEO’s Compass: Your Guide to Get Back on Track. It leads you on a journey of self discovery as a leader and builds that foundation first before you can take it to your situation and guide you and your team.

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Until we connect, I wish you well and continued success!