If you know me by now, I’m a optimist at heart. However, I like many of you am also going through some challenging times. It doesn’t feel good, but there is something inside of me that propels me to move forward and I’d like to share with you how setbacks can be healthy and help you through stronger than before.

See the future so it pulls you forward

Since the day I opened my business, I saw bright lights and a stage for me to impact more people than I could imagine. Even after creating my podcast platform, posting on LI as another platform, I still see the stage vividly. I know I’m making an impact on the people who consume my content. Perhaps I’m already there, but I still see the future vividly. Ask yourself if you can see the future. If you can’t, its a good time to pause and see if you can paint that picture and then run like heck towards it!

Listen to what people are saying you’re good at

As high performers, whenever someone says you’re “good” at something we shrug it off and say things like “that’s what they pay me for” or because we think it’s easy for us, it’s nothing special. When I speak, people say my voice is soothing and disarming. For me it is easy, but I have found my voice is my superpower and gift to bring forward. I’ve been listening to you on this platform and I’m grateful for the feedback. By listening more deeply to what people tell you, you are good at, we may bring forward on this journey that propels us faster than we ever thought. When you’re having a set back, listen to what people say to you, that you’re really good at. The setback helped you to rediscovery your gifts.

Listen to yourself

I keep wondering what I need to do differently in order to move my business and career forward. Because of a set back, we often rediscovery self doubt and wonder what needs to change. I often give advise when I’m auditing an operations to simply stand in one place and observe the activity to understand if the process is working or not. It gives you a different perspective on the world. If I stand in one place right now, the world is upside down right now and in chaos.

When I look at the value I can bring to others, I realize I don’t need to change. I simply have to wait while the world settles down and listen to myself…I have skills people need but now may not be the time. We often ignore what we say to ourselves because it doesn’t make sense. But sometimes when we take the time to pause and reflect, we are wise and should listen more to our ourselves.

Ask yourself if you truly listen? People might think you’re a little nuts talking when no one else is in the room! But think about it…you’re smart, resourceful and full of experience. The setback you’re feeling is temporary. You know this from past history you always have moved forward. This is nothing different. The gift is to take the setback and realize that 80% of what you are doing is just find and needs no changing. The 20% is a time of discovery to find out what you want to change and be more successful than before the setback.

Pro-tip: Success is not always measured financially. If you prioritize what would Peace of mind look like, you will find success factors are already in your grasp!

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Until then, I wish you continued success and be well-Deb

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