I made a mistake and I’m grateful for your understanding…

I’m modifying my newsletter format and said in the beginning it would not be perfect as I stepped out of my comfort zone and learned a new skill.

Then, I hit the send button and forgot to check the title of my newsletter which was: TBD !

And because of that mistake, I had the highest open rate of my newsletter 47.7% vs. an average of 35%.

My mistake made an impact, perhaps curiosity, perhaps confusion and … I do ask for grace while I build my new process.

The lesson I learned from this is to focus on the process and quality vs. simply a deadline. Give myself time to learn the new skill. The other lesson I learned was I got an unexpected result of 47%. Was there something in an interesting subject line that drew your attention? That’s a good thing. When we take risks, we gain wisdom and in the process evolve our crafts.

I’m grateful for the high open rate, but I also want to be sure I’m providing you great resources and insights to help you and your teams navigate with confidence. I also ask that you think about your situation and reflect on your confidence in trying new things or encouraging the same in others. Not every risk gets you a great result, but what if you actually tried and succeeded? Think about it…you are worthy of taking a risk so why not start today!

Additional Resources 

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If you just want to connect with me and see how I can support you in a business or personal setback, let’s have a conversation.

I’m launching The Drop In Collective this month, a forum for professionals to provide support and collectively help solve the challenges we each have. I have two dates: September 26 at 5:00 ET & 27 and if you’re interested, reach out to me and I’ll share the zoom links.

Until we connect, I wish you well and continued success!

Be well-Deb