Okay, so now you think I’m off my rocker! After telling you in my numerous articles how feedback delivered in the context of what to continue, start or change is a positive framework, I tell you the absence of feedback is powerful. Well, even I can evolve my opinion and here’s why:

I asked for feedback and did not receive any…

Last week I asked for feedback about my offers and what I should change as I’m here to serve. What I realized was that I probably asked the wrong questions. I asked what should I change and instead I should have asked you, what do you need? Even I make mistakes and I thank you for your silence, because it gave me time to pause & reflect about what was missing. 

You did share feedback, but I did not truly listen…

One person in my network shared that their friend consumes my content all the time and they really enjoyed it. They encouraged me to keep going because it’s making a difference. Being humble, I simply said thank you, but I didn’t give the feedback the respect it deserves. I’ve had many people say they like my content because it gets them to think differently and inspire them. For that feedback I am thankful and I will continue to be in service through my content.

You’ve spoken loudly about my voice… but what to do with it?

It’s funny how you work so hard to hone your craft to have people praise you for something completely different. You know me as a Fractional Leader, Crisis Management Expert, Leadership Coach, Podcast Host and Speaker. However, the thread that ties it together is my voice for which you have shared it is soothing, captivating and sometimes disarming.

I don’t have an answer right now, but I’m open to suggestions about how to leverage my voice and make a difference. I’d love to hear your thoughts! I value you and my network who have been so supportive to help me see what I can’t quite see.

I just want to say thank you for the silence…

I am truly grateful as it has given me so much time to reflect and figure out what to continue, start or change. 

Having gained such great insight from the silence, I also turn to you and ask for you to reflect on your situation, career or business. Have you asked for feedback for which you did not receive any or it was nothing you could action on? Look for what is not said and there you will find the wisdom and feedback you are seeking.

I want to say thank you to all for your continued support and I will continue to hopefully share valuable insights and inspire each and every one of you.

Be well-Deb