I’ll get to the point and if this resonates with you, I implore you to read on:

  1. Leaders need to STOP what they’re doing and confirm if they’re still on the the right track
  2. Leaders need to assess their energy and if they’re dreading certain activities, it’s a sign you’re applying it in the wrong way.
  3. Leaders need to check in with themselves to see if they’re still passionate about the work they’re doing and if they’re still up for the challenge…it’s okay, because sometimes you might need a change.

Having spent so many years trying to support others and giving them the tools for success, I have to be honest and transparent with you…I have hit the PAUSE button. No one likes to admit that, especially to my community of supporters and who I support willingly and with all my passion. But I too occasionally have to evaluate my strategy, goals and objectives. It’s what leaders do and I’m no exception. Today I am pausing for the reasons above and I simply wanted to share a bit with you in hopes it inspires you to also PAUSE if and when it makes sense. 

Fractional Leadership & Crisis Management

There are so many small & medium size businesses that are going through rapid change and may exceed capacity & capability to keep up with the changes. That’s where I drop in. Every client I’ve served has become so much more. We have become fans of each other’s work for which we sustain long term partnerships. What I’m seeing is that companies are still facing many crisis in supply chain, stable operations and finding talent that they don’t have the appetite for reach out for additional support. I’m okay with that, but as a business owner, that too presents challenges. So, then I ask the question is Fractional Leadership what these businesses need or is it something else? I’m open for suggestions and your thoughts. Great leaders leverage the collective input of their teams and I consider you part of the team!

Leadership & Skills Development

You’ve heard me say over and over again, there is a demographic of aspiring C-Suite Leaders who don’t have a support system and also are overwhelmed with work and commitments and don’t have the time to invest in themselves. I then wonder if I should pause on reaching out to this group of people and try to reach those leaders or HR business partners who realize they want to develop their people, but don’t have the capacity, capability or have the courage to bring on additional resources to help. I know in my gut, this is an underserved market, yet I’m struggling to find a way to connect. Again, as a leader I know I’m stuck and realize my community may have the answers. 

How do I find the people who have the ability to invest? Who do I need to connect with that may want to invest in their people? What kind of offers should I offer that would be more attractive or consumable for this group of leaders I so care about? I’d love to hear your thoughts and again, please respond to this email or message me at deborah@coviellocm.com 

What have I missed?

Many of you consume my content and I’m grateful for those who have shared how much they enjoy it. But as someone once said to me, I’m inside the cookie jar and may not see what is outside. Where else can I be of service? What skills do you see that could be used in a different way? What role can I play in order to impact more than I can imagine? I turn my attention to you and value your feedback!

As I return to the three reasons to pause, I feel I’m on the right track, but need your input to make any course corrections. I love the work I do and invest a lot of time, but at times I feel drained and wish to take back some of that energy and invest in myself, my family and in the community I serve in the best way. I am also open to any new possibilities of support you or others. 

While this article was about asking for some feedback from my community, it is also meant to serve you. Ask yourself – do you need to hit the PAUSE button? And if so, what are you seeking? If you have hit the PAUSE button in the past, I’d be eternally grateful to hear your story and perhaps bring it forward to inspire others. 

If this article resonated with you, I’d love to share other resources with you:

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I’m excited to share that The CEO’s Compass: Your Guide to Get Back on Track is getting into the hands of many C-Suite Leaders of Today and Tomorrow. This valuable resource asks you challenging questions about your leadership and why you lead. It then takes you on a journey around different compass points with practical advice on where you can make small but impactful course corrections. If this is you, consider getting your copy of the book and then schedule a complementary conversation to discuss what resonated with you and how to evolve your journey. 

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Recently we offered the Drop In C-Suite Academy to our C-Suite Leaders of tomorrow. We heard from many of you that work and personal commitments keep you busy and make it challenging for personal development. I hear you and I know it’s hard to keep it all together.

I’d love to hear from you about what kind of investment in your personal development makes sense. Reply to this email or send a note to deborah@coviellocm.com with a note about any of the following options:

  • Drop In Mastermind – drop in when time permits and glean new insights from topics presented and the opportunity to engage in conversation with others to solve real issues
  • Drop in C-Suite Academy Self Paced – consume the content when you have time.  No instruction needed
  • Drop in C-Suite Academy Self Paced + -consume the content when you have time but would like some coaching midway or at the end to evolve the skills
  • Drop In Conversations – I just need someone to align with periodically to coach through challenging situations, no packages, but spot support when needed.
  • None of the above – here’s what I need….