You’ll be much happier in the long term and here’s why!

When I met my now husband I was flattered by his attention, yet baffled how two opposites could be attracted.

He was outgoing and I was quiet, he raced cars and I read books, he was came from a big family, I came from a small family.

Yet over time, we realized we were more similar than different when we focused on our values and working on a relationship that blended our strengths and demoted our weaknesses and differences.

We’re still working on it, but after 34 years of marriage I think we have figured out how to have a good relationship.

Jobs come and go and most of us have seen that. We commit so much to the work and fail to commit to a relationship with ourselves, family, community & co-workers.

Those relationships are those that will stick with you through the ups and downs and maybe could be that phone call after many years that says: “Are you available, I’ve got an offer for you”.

You don’t get that through investing in a job or career, but by investing in one relationship at a time. That nurturing is what will give you more job satisfaction.

I know after being in business now 4 years that the relationships from the past are bringing me the clients now and not so much from recent networking.

Think about your situation and ask yourself if you are happy with your career progress? Being shut down when the bar keeps rising; a never ending cycle of disappointments.

What about that past co-worker or boss; have you connected them recently?

I propose you invest more in yourself and cultivating relationships?

Just like a marriage is hard work, but it has so many more years of sustainable satisfaction. Dan and I have our arguments; last week it was about curling and we constantly quarrelling on the ice. 🥌This week, we were communication quite well and we won the game. It’s because we care about each other and want to make it work.

Now think about your past relationships and who are you going to contact right now?

Let us know in the comments.

Until then, I wish you much success-Deb

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