I asked for a raise and title change because I felt justified in the work I was already doing. To my surprise, I got what I asked for. The president said “so often we advocate for others and not for ourselves.” This leader recognized the courage to ask and I was rewarded.

However, not everything we ask for works out the way we expect. I was faced with an enormous quality issue that exceeded my capacity and capability within my team to resolve. I asked for help and the Cavalry came. Some people were not pleased that I revealed the vulnerability and it later led to my dismissal from the company.

Had I not asked for help, how many customers might have been affected by a poor quality product? The risk would have been far greater to others vs. the impact to one.

In the first story, I asked for something to benefit myself and I got it. In the second one I asked for help to assist others and I got what I asked for. Having left my company gives me the opportunity to do the work I love to do and inspire so many more than I had before.

Given your circumstances, will you ask for what you want and take the risk of being successful? Or will you stand on the sideline and forever wonder what could have been?

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