How often do you take a chance to reach out to someone you don’t know for the pure join of getting to know someone?

Even more important is how deeply do you ask questions and listen to the wisdom they may share with you?

I ask this because forming human connections is the antithesis of networking which can be quite superficial.

Sound familiar? Read on…

I took a chance to speak to a quality professional and they took a chance on me to share their story.

While I was listening to both their backstory, a piece of wisdom came from them that I’d never heard before. They shared that in an organization where compliance requirements need to be met, they set that as their “Ceiling”. Their philosophy is to set the compliance requirement as the “Basement”.

Organizations who only seek to meet compliance requirements will forever be in a place of just seeking results and never take advantage of the power of compliance and how in the end it builds confidence in your customers to buy your products or services.

Organizations who see the compliance requirement as the “Basement” and seek to achieve a higher level of performance are ultimately rewarded with your customers dollars and achieve sustainable peace of mind.

It’s a monumental mindset shift when it comes to true leadership and I ask you to ponder this point. Are you a leader that seeks to simply meet requirements or use them as a platform for achieving excellence?

Because you took a chance to read this article and apply it to your situation, might I / we have changed the trajectory of your career?

I’d love to hear your successes or the battle scares you received while leveraging this wisdom.

I’m forever grateful I took a risk to get to know someone on a deeper level. They were excited I found value in their words and allowed me to share them with my community.

If you have a story or want to form deeper connections as part of building a valuable network, reach out to me and let’s talk.

Be well-Deb