While technology can be disruptive, I want to remind people to stay the course with your vision and don’t be distracted by what “everyone else” is doing.

I’m probably late to the game with AI and I should educate myself on the benefits and challenges.

But while other people are jumping on the bandwagon and creating initiatives to react to the disruption, how many of you are disciplined to take in the new information, take time to process it and respond responsibly to it while staying true to what you are doing.

Following the crowd positions you to be always behind.

Being a responsible leader and forging ahead with your mission while making concisous decisions about how to apply the disrpuption will put you in the lead and other will turn around and try to catch up to you.

Remember, there are always disruptions and crisis and pandemics and acts of mother nature that we’re conditioned to react based on humanity’s need to survive.

But remember, some of what you do is in your control.

Follow your way and not that of others.

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, because I know I’ll never win with that strategy.

Creating my own disruptive category “The Drop In CEO”; serving C-Suite Leaders of Today and Tomorrow to Navigate Challenges with Confidence, sets me apart from Fractional Leader, Consultants or Business Advisors.

I’d love to hear your reaction #linkedin and the rest of the #dropinceo community.

Friday thoughts while I procrastinate starting my day! -Deb