Inspired by my recent podcast interview with Michael P. Bourque who guest hosted for me, he posed the question about how do I disconnect from my work. I shared with him moments in time where I had to stop consuming so much information such as the Media, Books and Podcasts in order to enable my own thoughts to flow out and be the Creative I once was. Stay with me as I share a story of being lost and discovered my true self…

I left my corporate job November 2018 and entered into the holiday season with my family for which we enjoyed time together and also theater. While waiting for our show to start, we went to a museum across the street where I then stood in front of a wall with bright lights and had this picture taken of me. My body was in the shadows; looking dark and a bit sad. The other side of my image was lit up by bright lights; a common theme I experienced many times over during my transition period. Bright lights showed up everywhere for me and each time I would tear up because of the beauty and inspiration for creativity. Then it came to me, the name of my business would be Illumination Partners, LLC.

I was still lost, but new I wanted to take my craft from corporate to small and medium size businesses as a consultant. I pounded the pavement like any new entrepreneur seeking that silver bullet to land clients. I consumed books, podcasts and all types of resources to learn what the guru’s advise in order to realize exponential success. I was overwhelmed by the information and went into a flurry of activity of “doing” and was not thinking for myself. Thankfully through some strategic networking, I landed three gigs in my first 6 months and through I had this consulting gig nailed.

I soon ran out of work because I learned the hard way you need to be constantly doing business development in order to keep a pipeline. I was left with minimal savings and had to dig into other was of financing my business. It was a rough time, but instead of consuming more “how to” resources, I immersed myself in creating content. It was therapeutic for me to create and it gave me great joy letting my ideas flow out of me.

I started to create my own content on #linkedin in both video and written format. I found my voice and soon I had followers. I started to reach out for speaking events for which I created my 7P framework for leaders and presented at the ASQ world conference. While it was not a Ted Talk, I was finding I had something to say on a greater stage. I thought long and hard what was it I was creating. After many hours of thinking and doodling, The CEO’s Compass was born and my book released in August of 2021.

I am now in a similar place with a “Big Dream” and I’m working very hard to figure out how to achieve it. I’m not reading books or podcasts, but leveraging my vast network to figure out how I’m going to get there; letting my ideas flow out and hoping one of them will take shape to achieve “Big Dream”. This is only possible if I stop consuming too much information. I’m smart, resourceful and able to figure things out. I’ve done it before and will do it again.

So I turn to you and ask how much information do you consume? Do you pride yourself in combining a workout and listening to your favorite podcast. Are you inspired by the sense of accomplishment and consuming the content? Possibly, you’ll get entertainment value or a few actionable tips. Are you regurgitating other peoples ideas instead of your own? When was the last time you simply existed in silence and your own thoughts? Did some new idea… a crazy idea come through that you quickly dismissed?

You’re doing yourself a disservice when you don’t allow your own ideas to flow out. You need to be in service to your mind and soul and let the ideas come out. Only then can you assess them and potentially take action. Having never experienced your creativity, you may never realize your full potential.

I share my story with you because so many of you exist to complete tasks with a few short term goals you achieve. Think bigger! Consume less content and allow your own ideas become a reality. Succumbing to the barrage of content consumption will kill creativity and you will simply exist and never leave a legacy. The choice is yours….