I thought the sky would fall when I didn’t get my newsletter to you on Wednesday! It’s now Sunday morning and the sun and stars are still shining bright and no one got mad at me.  I declined a number of networking calls and thought I’d ruin my business development efforts on the possibility they might lead to something. Then I realized my business model is mostly referrals and by being highly selective with my time and who I connect with. When I limited my weekend work time to only clearing out emails and planning for the upcoming week, I had oodles of time to spend with my husband and dog this weekend. As for the laundry that piled up? My husband helped me with that once I asked and we ignored the wrinkled garments in favor of good conversation. The 8 hours of sleep I’ve enjoyed almost every night has lead to my personal looking much calmer than ever before.

So why do I always worry about not getting everything done in this complicated life I created in the past. Because I thought I would miss opportunities. Instead I was inflicting so much activity into my life, it was complex and I was exhausted. With 2023 and my theme of Simplification, every decision I make might cause some chaos in the short term, but ultimately leads me to calm and contentment.

In the last 24 hours, I really think I upset some people. However, that short term chaos with less than substantial relationships have given me peace of mind that I’m getting more clear than ever before about where to invest my time. But enough about me and seeking ways to simplify, what about you and your life?

Framework for creating chaos that leads to simplification:

Get very clear about your non-negotiables (i.e. sleep, exercise, reading) and fix those times
What will you say yes to and what will you say no to? This decision logic is your defense mechanism
Look at your calendar and what can you delete, delay or delegate away
Cancel meetings / recurring events that no longer have value.
Make that hard decision, while uncomfortable now, will lead you to peace of mind.
Spend a little extra money for convenience where it frees up time

These are some suggestions and not all encompassing. However, I ask you to have the courage to create a little chaos if you care about making a difference in your life. By getting real clear and simplifying things, you’ll make room for amazing results. 

I’m here to help the C-suite leaders of today and tomorrow navigate your challenges with confidence. I do this so we can all spend more time doing the things we love with ourselves, family, friends and community.  In support of that, we need to turn Deb’s cool article into action to help you achieve your goals. 

In the next week, I want you to write down what you are simplifying and the impact it will have both positive and negative and let me know what it will be. Then write down the action you will take towards simplification once reconciled with the desired outcome.

When you send it to me, I’ll provide you feedback. If you need more help, book a short call to see how I can support you for a successful 2023.

My upcoming solo podcasts in January are going to take you through the season of goal setting, so make sure you follow here and gain some valuable tips. 

With Simplicity being this years theme, I’ll get to the point and wish you an amazing start to 2023!

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One of the things I was told that I needed was executive presence to help me to get to the next level. I was kindly reminded by a member in my network that this is often more critical; beyond learning the soft skills which we’ve worked on in the past.

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