While most of you know me as Deb Coviello, The Drop In CEO, behind the curtain is a person that simply wants to spend more time with my family, friends and community. I love having the time to plan and prepare meal experiences that bring people together and create memories. Christmas time is a time I celebrate knowing I can do all of those things and I can say “Fa La La”. I’ve added a link to my cookie photo in this article to take you to my personal Facebook Page so you can follow me, my family, my dog Reagan and curling. I think it’s important that we take the time to get to know each other more personally so when we do come together, the work is so much more meaningful and fun. Connect with me and let me connect with you as well on your favorite personal social site. But what about “Fa La La”? Read on to learn more…

A few years ago, I was panicking to get all the Christmas shopping, cookie making, decorating and couldn’t find enough hours in the day. Don’t even ask about the Christmas cards; they’ve now become New Years cards if I’m lucky! Anyway, this particular year, things were falling apart, breaking, forgotten presents etc. and I was getting down on my self. Then out of nowhere when I didn’t know what else to say, I said “Fa La La” and threw my arms up. It was an expression of “Oh well”, that didn’t work and as a way to shrug it off and laugh at the situation. So every time things don’t go as planned, I simply say “Fa La La”

This expression became a “thing” for which my mother bought me a shirt that says “Fa La La” and showed me she cared enough about my mishaps, but also supported me as I celebrated life’s imperfections and the ability to move on. I say “Fa La La” now to you and ask for forgiveness for every time I misspoke on my podcast, mixed up my words, said it was 2020 when it was 2022, for forgetting to call you back, missing a meeting or being late paying a bill. It was because I was probably focused on the most important thing in the moment for which getting it right was less important than being in the moment. 

So my gift to you this week is to think about when / where you’ve been having challenges that ever so slightly bring you down and ask yourself how relevant is it in the grand scheme of enjoying life? Sometimes we give those little things too much relevance for which not only did something happen or not happen. It’s time to shake it off, say “Fa La La” and you would be surprised how quickly you forget about it and move on to enjoy the things you love to do.

I’m heading out shortly to finish Christmas shopping, buy some food because my mom is visiting for a month and my daughter comes home from Italy tomorrow. But I’m also buying ingredients to make Christmas cookies and enjoy memories with the people in my life. If I forget an ingredient… Fa La La. If there is traffic that slows me down… Fa La La…if don’t get to the vacuuming before people arrive… Fa La La.

So here is your challenge: Start saying Fa La La and turn mishaps into fond memories!

Wishing you happiness, health and great memories as we enter the holiday season.


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