I recently learned the significance of listening to people’s stories and understanding their emotions. When working with a client,  I realized that spending time listening and empathizing with team members had a far greater impact on organizational success than simply trying to solve their problems one by one. This experience inspired me to make a course correction in my leadership style.

Being an inspirational leader vs. trying to spend your day putting out fires requires a higher level of trust between you and your team. Here are three tips that will help you get there:

  1. Create moments or experiences that inspire others. I’ve captivated podcast hosts with my storytelling, leaving them speechless and eager to ask the next question. By drawing people in with engaging stories, you can inspire and motivate them.
  2. Ask your team what they need to succeed. This approach shifts the focus from tactical work to personal growth and empowerment. By encouraging individuals to think about their own success and taking control of their destiny, they are no longer stuck in a victim mentality.
  3. Show gratitude and recognize the little things that others have done. I remember when someone expressed appreciation for my work, which made me feel wonderful and inspired me to reciprocate. By expressing gratitude and empathy, you can foster human connection and inspire others to support you.

In conclusion, being an inspirational leader rather than just an influencer is crucial. By following the framework of checking in with your team, telling stories to engage them, asking what they need to succeed, and showing gratitude, you can inspire and motivate others. When people feel inspired by their interactions with you, they are more likely to prioritize your needs and be responsive.

If you are aspiring to the C-Suite, and tired of the hustle, are you ready to change how you work and implement these tips? 

If you are a business owner or C-Suite leader, are you ready to invest in your people and help them be successful? Their success is your success! 

Now is the time for you to collect your thoughts and take action. I want you to succeed and this framework can enable you to do it yourself. 

However, if you need more help, I’m here for you as the Drop In CEO, CEO whisperer or as a sounding board. 

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