The recruiter is not calling you back.

The job opportunity is put on hold.

The manager is out of office.

The client is not responding to your proposal.

The list goes on and on for which there is a growing trend of Mental Mayhem plaguing professionals today trying to navigate their next opportunity. We don’t prepare professionals for these challenges and instead they fester over what “is not” happening vs. what “is” happening.

I call this Mental Mayhem because as professionals we are results driven with heroic skills to “get things done”. When it’s out of our control, nothing we do can force something to happen. And there lies the Mental Mayhem when nothing we do seems to work.

I’m going through the same challenge right now for which my coach inspired an A HA moment in me that may help you as well.

When we think about what we cannot effect, think about everything you did up until this point to reach a point where the world is saying “No”. You took control of your situation, researched the opportunity, composed an email or set up a call and engaged in healthy dialog or interaction that appeared to be going in the right direction. When you hit a wall and nothing has happen, I propose to you that actually something did happen and it’s up to you to decide what to do next.

Given the world is saying “No”, you have a choice. You can continue to bang on that door and waste energy or quickly pivot, leverage what you learned and pursue another direction. Gone are the days that you should feel victim to circumstances, but quickly take these events and move on… quickly.

Had you not done all that work to get to this point you may not have tested your value, updated your resume or made 2-3 connections in the meantime. You have moved the needle and like my coach said; celebrate the wins that got you to this point in time. It’s not the actual result, but it’s about the journey.

As we speak, I’ve had no-shows to meetings, I’ve re-opened doors that I thought I should shut and, I’ve shut doors that looked promising, but my gut said they were not. Each day we have a choice to move forward or sideways, but never feel stuck or retract.

That is my thought for you to Manage Mental Mayhem. If there is a delayed response to something you are pursuing, pursue those things in your control. It’s a healthy state of being and will serve you well while navigating the obstacles of delayed responses.

What Mental Mayhem have you had to Manage? I’d love to know. When you share, you inspire others.

Be well-Deb