Which sells better; marketing scare tactics or positivity and inspiration?🤔

Given the toxic nature of society and everyone needs to be cured by a pill or 60 day program, I’m almost immune to these marketing / influence tactics.

Yes, people are more likely to buy if they think they have a problem and someone can solve it for them.

But that’s what everyone is doing and hence, is it really effective anymore?

An advocate and colleague shared how my articles are positive and they really enjoyed it. I so appreciate their thoughts!

Might we go against the status quo and put positivity and an opportunity mindset into the ecosystem?

What a novel idea, yet I’m spammed by marketers day in and day out about their services and how they can help me.

Why not try to inspire me and lift me to realize my fullest potential and maybe your service can guide me along the way?

Such a novel idea, but so many people follow what the gurus say.

Stand out and be different and project opportunity and positivity!

You Might actually be the next big marketing guru!

I’m trying to reach the people I can serve through insights and inspiration!

What will you do differently to have a greater impact today?

Be well and Happy Thursday!