This month, we’re focusing on providing additional tools to help you succeed in your roles. I recently survived three client engagements simultaneously in July, and I want to share my experiences and the lessons I learned. It was a challenging time, but it highlighted the importance of sustainable work practices.

During this hectic period, I had to communicate with my clients about reduced hours, prioritize certain clients, and dedicate specific hours to support a particular client’s team. It was hard work, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my clients.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and time-crunched? This topic is relevant to both current and aspiring C-suite leaders, as we all experience these challenges at some point. Have you ever felt in control in the past but now find yourself unable to handle the increased responsibilities? If so, it’s important to give yourself grace and acknowledge your past successes.

Here are Seven Tips for Creating Successful Time Management Habits:

  • Prioritize your needs – getting clear will enable you to make better decisions.
  • Get more sleep – in the context of well-being; do what you need to maximize your energy and creativity.
  • Distill what you actually need to get done – remember to work on the urgent and what what is most valued by your team or the business.
  • Have the courage to ask for help – great leaders collaborate for a greater outcome.
  • Time Block for emails, texts, and calls vs. strategic work – building this discipline muscle will reduce your stress. 
  • Ask yourself for forgiveness when you can’t get everything done – you probably put unrealistic expectations on yourself. As a high achiever, it’s your superpower; but also your demise if you don’t forgive yourself. 
  • Take 20 minutes for yourself each day – just do it! This is one of my best suggestions for you. What do you have to lose? You’ll thank me later when you make this a habit! 

I encourage you to pause and reflect on this framework. Find strategies that resonate with you and implement them in your daily routine.

If you are aspiring to the C-Suite, and tired of the hustle, are you ready to change how you work and implement these tips? 

If you are a business owner or C-Suite leader, are you ready to invest in your people and help them be successful? Their success is your success! 

Now is the time for you to collect your thoughts and take action. I want you to succeed and this framework can enable you to do it yourself. 

However, if you need more help, I’m here for you as the Drop In CEO, CEO whisperer or as a sounding board. 

To hear more about my story about framework, please tune into my podcast that is releasing this Friday 8/11/23. 

Maybe you simply need a support system to apply these new insights. I find leaders need a place to talk through the challenges and that’s why I created The Drop In CEO Collective, a forum for C-Suite leaders of today and tomorrow. To learn more about our next event you can visit our page and register. 

Would you rather have a quick 1-2-1 to discuss your specific challenge? Could The Drop In CEO be your support system? Direct Message me on LI or contact me via my website and let’s have a conversation. Until then, I wish you much success.