When I was 5 years old, I was selected to be the lead of Rosina Dainty-Mouth in an adaptation of Hansel and Gretel. I was chosen because of my great communications skills and singing. I remember how much I loved the stage. In summer school, I would join theatre classes and make puppets and write scripts for plays. In middle school and through high school, I sung in choir and played clarinet and saxophone for various stage performances. The opportunity to perform in multiple media has always been apart of who I am and often not shared with others.

As you look at the image of a stage, on and off I’ve been behind and in front of the curtain depending on the season of my life. I’m currently peaking out through the curtain, because I realize I’ve not been my truest self; yielding to societal norms and situational needs. While I have one foot in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, I have another foot on the stage to share my insights and with the world. I’ve often wondered if both can co-exist for which I’m grateful to have found another guide in my life that said the two personas can exist.

Putting it all out there for everyone to know, I’m in pursuit of that stage with bright lights. I want to be able to share insights to large groups and hopefully inspire them to reach their potential.

As with all my articles, I turn my conversation to you. Do you have a stage for which you can speak and share your insights? While you may / may not be one for bright lights and a stage, metaphorically, I’m asking you how are you leaving your legacy? Do you share your insights with others? Do you mentor people? Have you set up sustainable systems so others can continue in your footsteps? Have you spent time with others to share your wisdom or give back? Do you write down your thoughts and write a blog, publish an article, give a talk, deliver a lunch & learn? This is the stage of life for which everyone should aspire to leave a lasting impact.

Think about your existence and have you walked out onto a “stage” to speak loudly and connect with humanity? Can you recall if you connected with others and lived your fullest day? We’re here for a finite time and when our time is done, it is done… or perhaps not? Our lives live on through the impact we have on others and I ask you to take inventory of how you connect with others? The world is your stage and it’s ours to speak loudly and leave your legacy!

Many wise people have told me that when we put our aspirations out into the world, we manifest them to happen in the future. I do believe in that now for which I’m speaking loudly now to anyone who wishes to partner with me on this journey. I’d love to be on a stage and reach more people can I imagine. Waiting patiently for that opportunity to help me pull back the curtain and claim my stage.

If my story was inspiring, I’d love to hear your stage story!

Be well-Deb