I think I’ve found the keys to success and I’m over the top excited to share this with you. If you’re ready, let’s take a leap towards greater success with this simple shift in mindset!

I’ve been working with a client to enhance their client experience, and the feedback I received was incredibly rewarding. It reminded me of my superpowers: deep listening and facilitating conversations. I believe these skills can be beneficial to you as well, as they can help you understand and connect with others on a deeper level. With that said, sometimes we don’t leverage our superpowers because our mindset is not in the right place. 

About 7 years ago, a personal training trainer encouraged me to focus on the possibility of success rather than worrying about failure. This shift in perspective was a game-changer for me. It boosted my confidence and made me realize that feedback, whether positive or negative, is a gift for growth.

Many professionals are risk averse due to scrutiny and they adopt the mindset of potential failure. When you shift your mindset to the possibility of success, confidence is enhanced. That confidence that comes with the mindset shift is my key to success and hopefully yours. 

When considering your own mindset, there are three main things I invite you to challenge yourself with:

  • Reflect on your own initiatives, presentations, or proposals. What is currently within your control? Focus on only the things that can directly influence the outcome of your goals.
  • Avoid letting a negative mindset hold you back? Remember your past successes and trust in your ability to figure things out. 
  • Don’t worry about perfection or the opinions of others. Instead, focus on your growth and the value you bring.

Remember, keep pushing forward and keep growing. Your mindset is the key to your success.

If you are aspiring to the C-Suite, and tired of the hustle, are you ready to change how you work and implement these tips? 

If you are a business owner or C-Suite leader, are you ready to invest in your people and help them be successful? Their success is your success! 

Now is the time for you to collect your thoughts and take action. I want you to succeed and this framework can enable you to do it yourself. 

However, if you need more help, I’m here for you as the Drop In CEO, CEO whisperer or as a sounding board. 

To hear more about my story about framework, please tune into my podcast that is releasing this Friday 9/1/23. 

Maybe you simply need a support system to apply these new insights. I find leaders need a place to talk through the challenges and that’s why I created The Drop In CEO Collective, a forum for C-Suite leaders of today and tomorrow. To learn more about our next event you can visit our page and register. 

Would you rather have a quick 1-2-1 to discuss your specific challenge? Could The Drop In CEO be your support system? Direct Message me on LI or contact me via my website and let’s have a conversation. Until then, I wish you much success.