In a world of so much uncertainty, political tensions heightening and chaos unfolding in all parts of the world, it can be challenging to keep a positive attitude as you show up for yourself, family and colleagues each day.

I despise uncertainty and hence my superpower is “control” to deflect the unknown and uncomfortable throughout my day. And while that serves me well over the years, too much control over my interactions can lead to a perception of being a bit aloof and less engaged.

If you know me, that is not a persona I wish to show up with and I’ve found other tools in my toolbox to combat my need to control uncertainty is gratitude.

I find this to be the key to establishing quick rapport with people, easing the pace of transactional and also reminds us we’re all human and that is the only constant we can rely upon amidst all the world chaos.

When we lead with gratitude, it changes the dynamics and in all cases you get a positive outcome. This is the only thing I can be certain of and I want you to realize more positive interactions whether at home or at work.

These are my tried and true tips that have served me well and maintain human connection:

Step 1: Create a new mindset: Every interaction is an opportunity to express gratitude. If you lead with this approach, watch the magic unfold as you will see everyone else follow your lead!

Step 2: Meeting in person or Virtual: Thank the person for their time and meeting with you; it shows respect. If it’s a new person and you are uncertain about the interaction, this slows things down and allows some casual conversation to get to know each other.

Step 3: Write an email with human connection. Start with a thank you for their time to consider the proposal:

  • Thank you in advance for your time to review this need…
  • Thank you for providing the information and the value it brings…
  • Thank you for their quick response and how it helped you…
  • Thank you for that constructive feedback, I sincerely appreciate your thoughts…

It slows things down and pays respect to the person and how you value them

Never!!!! Start with the action like “I Need “x”. I know this may be contrary to some “Lean email” I told you about where you state the Ask & need in the first sentence. Pause and express gratitude and then get to the point.

Step 4: Texting: Same as email

I don’t prefer texting, but if Whatsapp / texting is a communication of choice for someone you are interacting with, the same goes for this. Start with a quick thank you; similar to email.

Step 5: Lead by example and coach others in the same.

If someone is struggling with getting people to respond, this bit of advice will help them immensely.

These tips are for you, but if you see someone struggling; sharing this kind feedback with them will lift them and elevate your interactions.

When we lead with gratitude, the universe will respond to you in kind!

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Now is the time for you to collect your thoughts and take action. I want you to succeed and this framework can enable you to do it yourself.

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