Throughout our educational journey, teachers have had a profound impact on us. They’ve nurtured our problem-solving skills, effective communication, and innovation. But why is this support system often missing in the workplace?

I’m not suggesting we directly hire teachers from academia. Instead, I propose we identify individuals within our organizations who already possess these nurturing characteristics and consider ways to elevate their roles in supporting teams. My book, “The CEO’s Compass,” is a resource that can help CEOs and anyone facing challenges in their current playbook. I emphasize this in my chapter on people where I say that people are the greatest tool in your toolbox and investing in them can pay dividends. 

Here are a few tips for creating an environment that supports teaching skills in the workplace:

Implementing the Concept: First we must assess the organization’s readiness for such a change. Leaders need to realize teaching is a human capital investment vs. a compliance activity that the hope and pray assures peace of mind. We need to connect with the hearts and minds of leadership to realize that at the other end of the product or service they produce is a family member. If we don’t invest in elevating the skills of our team with deep understanding, failures can have deep negative impact. Only then can we appreciate that teachers specialize in taking concepts from theory to application. These skills translate to business leadership by assessing the readiness of the organization, focusing on change management, and defining the desired outcomes. It’s about elevating education and creativity within our teams.

Investing in Team Strengths: It’s crucial to assess team strengths and invest in individuals who have a teaching and nurturing persona. This could mean identifying someone within the organization who possesses these skills or considering bringing in external support, such as an educator or fractional chief people officer, to advise and nurture the current team.

Preparing the Team for Change: Preparing the team for the changes and investments being made is essential. We need to communicate to our workforce that these efforts are not just compliance activities, but a genuine investment in their growth and the future success of the company. The return on investment may be intangible, but it’s significant – improved employee retention, team performance, and customer experience.

Training and Skill Development: Time constraints can make training a challenge. Instead of lengthy training sessions, I recommend providing an hour or two of overview training on the new skills and integrating it into their day-to-day work. Real-time observation, coaching, and application of the new skills within their current challenges can accelerate the impact and make the training more effective.

Celebrating Achievements: Sharing progress, celebrating achievements, and recognizing the organization’s commitment to investing in its people and teams is important. I encourage continuous engagement and repetition of these principles.

If you are aspiring to the C-Suite, and tired of the hustle, are you ready to change how you work and implement these tips? 

If you are a business owner or C-Suite leader, are you ready to invest in your people and help them be successful? Their success is your success! 

Now is the time for you to collect your thoughts and take action. I want you to succeed and this framework can enable you to do it yourself. 

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