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We were having challenges getting the organization to the root cause of an issue. Something was missing and we were seeking the missing link. One day my employee said “Deb, do you have a minute?” and showed me a whiteboard. They started sharing disjointed ideas, and I vaguely understood the point they were trying to make. They were very talented, but when it came to articulating their big idea, it took some time. However, we eventually translated their Big Idea into one of the most impactful programs in Root Cause Analysis and I continue to use it today.

As a senior leader with people in your care, you see them struggle because they cannot articulate their passion and ideas into something that can create buy-in and lead to execution. Have you or the organization ever developed the skills to guide them from disjointed thoughts into a well-crafted message? I don’t want you to struggle as you ponder this challenge and provide you a framework to speed up the process of developing your leaders of tomorrow.  

Framework for channeling energy into a well-crafted message:

  • Be excited and ask more questions. Ask them to continue to articulate and write down their ideas
  • Ask them what is the problem that this idea solves… or ask what is the outcome they’d like to achieve?
  • Ask them to write down their ideas and ask them to organize their thoughts; sequence or prioritize them.
  • Ask them what is the current state and the gap they want to close?  
  • If the ideas are still random, ask them to group them into common themes. Ask them to create a sentence that summarizes the concepts.
  • Finally, ask them to organize them into a presentation / visual that lays out these thoughts in sequence and ask them to return and communicate their message again using this approach 
  • Another resource you may find helpful is to help Aspiring Leaders Socialize their content to validate & enrich their ideas. 

This may sound simple, but when you have only so much capacity in a day to run the organization and evolve people, these tips are meant to give you the tools to develop the leaders of tomorrow. 

A short video message from Deb to support Capability in your organization

Building new skills takes practice and I want to be there for you. We cover this framework in our Drop In C-Suite Academy which is still accepting students for enrollment. If you would prefer a 1-2-1 approach, I can also offer my coaching services. I can also create a custom approach to come into your organization and provide & mentor the skills as your partner. 

One more resource for you – my Drop In CEO Podcast episode on “Powerful Words for Influence” you may find helpful in messaging big ideas. 

For more information about The Drop In C-Suite Academy (CS)  dedicated to the aspiring C-Suite leader, simply register to get on the waitlistemail me or connect with me for a quick chat. I can’t wait to help you be successful and reach your goals!

For more resources, you can listen to The Drop In CEO Podcast or check out my book The CEO’s Compass will help you get on track in days not months. 

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Good Reads

Essentials of a Successful Marriage by Abiola Soremekun 

What would you say if I suggested that what we learn from marriages is directly applicable developing the leaders of tomorrow? I’m pleased to know Abiola Soremekun who writes a simple but powerful book on marriage, but what can we learn from it for other pursuits? She discusses Listening, communicating and trust among other topics; so relevant to all relationships; especially those in the workplace or our businesses. Why would we treat people in our care any differently than those we care deeply about? Think about it and I’d love to know your thoughts!

Good Music

Pianist Marlowe Carruth’s Eternal Light – today I am inspired by finding new ways to connect with senior leaders and those that are in your care. I’m developing offers to help you struggle less and guide leaders of today and tomorrow. When I listen to this piece, it provides me hope that my work will have a lasting impact on those who I share the best insights I can provide. 

Good Advice

“Sometimes you feel like trial and error is a rite of passage. But you don’t get any extra points at the end of your life for having more trial and error or more pain.”

 –Ben Wolf

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